Wellness Services

This unique collection of services includes a variety of things you can

do for yourself to improve your overall quality of life.

Stretch Sessions
This is a customized session, and these appointments will be on the table or on a mat or a blend of both and will be dependent on each client’s physical needs and conditions. You will be completely dressed and please be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

This session is a blend of assisted stretching, PNF stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), Contract & Release techniques, Passive stretching, myofascial release techniques that stretch the muscles to release tension in the tissues and increase circulation for the body, Thai yoga stretches and yoga stretches.  The session may or may not include additional modalities like Cranial Sacral therapy, Reiki, and Tuning Forks depending on if needed or if time allows.

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is a stretching technique utilized to increase ROM (Range of Motion) and flexibility.  It increases ROM by increasing the length of muscles and increasing neuromuscular efficiency.

AIS (active isolated stretching) is a method of muscle lengthening and fascial release and its technique that provided effective, dynamic facilitated stretching of major muscle groups and provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.

Benefits of Stretch sessions:

  • Release lower back and SI joints
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Stops or reduce sciatic nerve pain
  • Decompress knee joints and reduce knee pain
  • Mobilize sacrum
  • Balance ilium
  • Facilitate lymphatic drainage
  • Improve Digestion and Elimination
  • Increase mental clarity by improving blood flow to your brain
  • Release pain and tension from your body
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve posture
  • Improve relaxation, mood and sleep
  • Decrease stress and tension
  • Reduce stiffness and soreness
  • Help relax and elongate the muscles
  • Help reduce pain and inflammation
  • Re-educate your muscles
  • Slows down the aging process


30 minutes - $50 (add-on service only)
60 minutes -
75 minutes -
90 minutes -


Enzyme Nutrition Therapy:
If you suffer from Heartburn, Bloating, Fatigue, Diarrhea, Constipation, Gas, Headaches, Colon Problems or High Cholesterol then you need Enzyme Nutrition Therapy!

Enzyme Nutrition Therapy is a unique approach to nutrition based on the work of Dr. Howard F. Loomis, the world's foremost authority on enzymes, and the person in charge of brining enzymes to the forefront of the health care system. Enzyme Nutrition Therapy was developed to identify and treat major sources of stress on your entire body. It brings stability back to the inner workings of your body, which is called homeostasis.

Here’s what you should expect: You will be given a small Signs and Symptoms Survey about your current lifestyle. This survey will include questions about your physical activity, food intake and habits. You will then be given a special examination called a Homeostatic Digestive Challenge test to determine the sources of stress to your body. Finally, a 24-Hour Laboratory Urinalysis test will be performed. After gathering the data from all of those sources, I will give recommendations of a proper diet for you and suggest enzyme supplements to aid your digestion and get you on the road to recovery and better nutrition.

Complete Enzyme Nutrition Therapy Package: $350


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple yet remarkable healing system that reduces stress which may be caused by an underlying disease. It works on a variety of health issues, psychological problems, and performance issues...even those that have been resistant to other treatment methods. You can quickly learn this technique and use it to help you feel better when dealing with the struggles you face in your everyday life. There are a wide range of emotional and health issues you can get relief from by using EFT including: Pain Management, Weight Loss, Allergies, Headaches, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADD & ADHD, Agoraphobia, Back Pain, Anorexia & Bulimia, Addictions, Panic & Anxiety, Depression, Carpal Tunnel, Claustrophobia, Fear of Flying, Eating Disorders, and High Blood Pressure...just to name a few. Sign up today for your EFT instruction session and learn how to help yourself!

60 minute EFT Instruction Session for $150


Digestive Health Therapy:
Do you have any of the following various health problems which are directly related to digestive disorders that many people in the U.S. suffer from today?

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Acid Reflux Disease
  • Gas / Bloating • Heartburn
  • Excess Acid • Constipation / Diarrhea
  • Blood Sugar Problems • Chemistry Imbalances
  • High Cholesterol • Frequent Headaches
  • Lactose Intolerance • Candida / Yeast Overgrowth
  • Fibromyalgia • Chronic Fatigue
  • Hormone Imbalance • Ulcers

If you can answer "yes" to any of these conditions, there is help for you! I can teach you how to restore your body's nutritional balance naturally! Chronic symptoms can be relieved by modifying your diet and improving your digestion with the highest quality food enzymes and whole food supplements.

Changing Your Diet
A diet that causes your body to have the inability to digest protein, carbohydrates, fats and sugars can lead to a variety of problems such as: Gas, Bloating, Heartburn, Constipation, Irritability, Insomnia, Stiff and Sore Joints, and Dry Skin. Dietary changes coupled with natural food enzymes and whole food supplements can make a huge difference in your overall feeling of well-being.

Improving Digestion
This can be accomplished with Food Enzymes and Whole Food Supplements. Since these are both necessary for proper food digestion, you will learn what to take and how much in order to restore your body's ability to properly digest the foods you eat. Adding these supplements to your diet improves digestion and allows your body to deliver the proper nourishment to your body's cells. By restoring your body's natural nutritional balance, you will increase your energy level, boost your immune system, have better sleep, balance your hormone levels, and improve the condition of your hair, skin and nails...in addition to gaining a number of other health benefits.

Personal Consultations
Private and confidential sessions will give us the opportunity to work together to make food work for you the way it should! During these sessions, we will identify your obvious digestive imbalances and I will recommend changes in your diet and supplements to take in order to restore your balances.

Thank you for your interest in Digestive Health Therapy through Vital Energy Services! Listed below is my pricing structure for your personalized treatment plan:

Initial Consultation (90 minutes)   $225
This includes a 90-minute in-depth consultation where we will go over any physical problems you are experiencing, analyze your diet, talk about your necessary dietary changes, discuss which enzyme and whole food supplements for you take, the amounts to take, and when you should take them. During our session, I will also give you information to take home in order to help you know the best foods (and ingredients) to eat and avoid based on the problems you are experiencing. At that time, we will also schedule a follow-up visit to check your progress, answer any questions you may have, and solve any problems you are having with your dietary changes.

Follow-up Session Rates:
$125  for 60 minutes
$75  for 30 minutes


Ear Candling:
The practice of ear candling is an ancient practice known in Mexico, China, Egypt, and Germany. Many people us candles to cleanse their ears once or twice per year. Ear Candling is usually preferred to the invasive and sometimes painful method of flushing the ear, which forces water into the ear to remove debris.

There is absolutely no discomfort to the person receiving this simple, highly successful, proven treatment! Ear candles are long hollow tubes made of wrapped muslin or cloth that are coated in beeswax or paraffin. The tapered and of the candle is placed gently into the ear, forming a seal. When the other end of the candle is lit on fire, the smoke from the candle tube aids as a warm "vacuum" that draws out impurities from the ear canal. This may include ear wax, bacteria, yeast, dust, and even cotton swab particles. Treatments last between 45 and 75 minutes depending on the number of candles needed.

Ear Candling is beneficial for people who have: Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Otitis Media (middle ear infections), Earaches, Sinusitis/Sinus Headaches, Hearing loss due to impacted ear wax and/or debris, Labyrinthitis and Meniere's disease (balance disorders and vertigo/dizziness due to inner ear disturbances), Hearing Aids.

Even though Ear Candling is very beneficial, it should never be used if: Your ear drum is (or has ever been) perforated, If you currently have an acute ear or sinus infection, or If you are experiencing drainage or bleeding from your ear. It should also never be used on very young children or infants unless it is pre-approved by their pediatrician.


$125  for both ears
This price includes using one candle per ear.

If you feel you need treatment with additional candles,

they are available at an additional cost of $5.00 per candle.


Ionic Foot Bath:
The Ionic Foot Bath is a gentle and effective way to detoxify, cleanse and balance your body by drawing the impurities out through your feet. As your feet soak in the ionic foot bath, your body will undergo an amazing cleanse of years worth of stored toxins.

This treatment restores energy at the cellular level. It removes heavy metals such as aluminum, antimony, tin and lead. Heavy metals can cause weight gain, fatigue, headaches, learning disabilities, allergic sensitivities, decreased muscle function and flexibility, circulatory and memory impairment, damage to liver, kidneys and lungs.

The Ionic Cleanse treatment works by osmosis. The ionizer (which is placed in the foot bath) releases ions through the water and into your body. Your cells are energized by the ions and are able to release the toxins, oils, acids, fats, heavy metals, cellular debris and waste that has accumulated over your lifetime.

The body can also eliminate parasites, pinworms, and various colored mucous; even drawing massive amounts of nicotine from the tissue and joints of people that quit smoking several years ago. As your body is detoxified, cleansed, balanced and able to function at its fullest capacity once again, you will experience a sense of relief throughout your body, increased energy, and improved mental clarity.

Special considerations before scheduling an Ionic Foot Bath:
If any of the following are true of your current health conditions, you may NOT proceed with this form of treatment:

  • Have a pacemaker or any other battery-operated or electrical implant
  • On heartbeat regulating medication
  • Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Have had an organ transplant
  • Have had an organ removed (especially the colon)
  • Take medication to prevent psychotic episodes or seizures
  • I have open wounds on my feet
  • I am currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments

for 30 minutes


NOTE: Please click here to download a PDF of the Ionic Foot Bath Consent Form. I ask that you fill it out before your appointment and bring the completed form with you when you come for your treatment.  Thank you!

​Ionic Foot Bath Add-on Treatments:

​Foot Exfoliation and Moisturizing Treatment: $15  for 15 minutes
Enjoy a relaxing foot scrub and moisturizing cream treatment. This treatment helps to remove dead skin and soften up the foot skin to make it feel fresh and smooth. This is a great treatment to have following a Foot Detox treatment.

Foot Mask: $5 for 10 minutes
Enjoy a foot mask added on to any foot treatment session.