Energy work is a form of alternative medicine that relies on the idea that the body is filled with and surrounded by energy fields that can be manipulated. By working with these energy fields, practitioners can promote harmony and balance for their clients, addressing specific medical conditions in addition to easing emotional distress. Energy work takes a wide variety of forms.

Private Guided Meditation:
Guided Meditation is a progressive relaxation technique that transports you into a state of deep relaxation.  It is great for eliminating stress and achieving a more relaxed state of mind after continued sessions.

$115 for a 60 min one-on-one session


Tuning Fork Therapy:
This harmonic balancing treatment uses tuning forks to bring the body into balance. It appears that the mental, physical and emotional areas are affected by tuning fork therapy. With the theory of tuning fork healing, the emitted sound waves seem to cause deep relaxation, restore the mind, balance the body and help the body to heal itself. Consequently, ailments from physical pain to addictive behavior may be helped. It also seems that tuning forks may reduce stress and muscle tension, pain and spasms. There are also claims that blood flow increases and circulation improves because constriction of specific organs is relieved.

​The sound generated by a tuning fork travels into the body and can stimulate the production of nitric oxide. When nitric oxide enters the surrounding tissues, it causes blood vessels to dilate and muscles to relax. Blood pressure is reduced. The pattern of tension and pain is interrupted which allows the nervous system and muscles to relax to their natural state. Since nitric oxide is a free radical scavenger, the immune system is stimulated.

​With tuning fork treatments, the tuning forks are applied to specific points of the body. These can be acupuncture and acupressure points or the energy center points. This can be useful in freeing blocked energy so a natural state of balance can be restored and healing can be promoted.

​If two tuning forks are tapped together and applied, your body's biochemistry may be altered instantaneously, which can bring your organs, nervous system and muscle tone into harmonic balance. You could quickly enter into a deep state of relaxation.

​The treatment is similar to a massage, but the client reclines on the treatment table while fully clothed.Tuning forks are passed over the body. The sound will become louder or softer where there are areas of concentrated or deficient energy. The tuning fork is held over an area of discord until the body attunes itself to the vibration and relaxes.

​The use of specific frequency tuning forks may also help trigger the release of excess fat cells from your body while encouraging and stimulating the growth of muscle tissue. It is a well known fact that muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. So an increase in muscle mass will increase the number of calories that your body burns...resulting in a possible weight reduction.

​The "Nerve Tuning Fork" vibrates at a frequency of 50 Hz. This fork can be used to help relieve pain from pulled or strained muscles, muscle cramps, and muscle spasms. It also works well in the treatment of releasing knotted muscles.

The use of tuning forks may produce these benefits:
​• Pain relief
• Stress relief
• Relaxation
• Balanced nervous system
• Improved mental clarity and concentration
• Increased physical energy
• Enhanced massage and acupressure therapy
• Integrated left and right brain thought patterns
• Cellulite
• Facial Rejuvenation (improve wrinkles and skin tone)

60 minutes for  $150


Reiki (Energy Balancing):
Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that allows everyone to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve health and enhance the quality of life. It is a Japanese system of relaxation and stress reduction that often promotes healing. Reiki is a form of healing that is powerful, yet still very gentle.

​Reiki can be used to assist healing of physical illness and pains. Just like a massage, it can help with tight muscles or knots, but it can also help with emotional issues by releasing emotional tension and worries. Many people express that they feel heat from the practitioner's hands. Some feel the vibration of the energy and some feel none of these physical experiences, but have a complete sense of calmness afterward.

​I perform two types of energy work (Reiki) which are described for you below...

​Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki
Reiki is the combining of Universal Energy with individual energy to open pathways of healing. This energy healing method involves placing the hands on or just above the body in order to align chakras and bring healing energy to organs and glands. The practitioner, trained to access and serve as a channel for the life energy, uses a passive touch, which some clients experience with warmth or tingling. The hands remain in position for 3-5 minutes alternately covering 10-12 positions over the body. This healing energy method of accessing energy flow through the hands is used to heal one self and others.

Angel Reiki
The Angel Reiki Healing system is a way to connect to the loving healing power of the angels in conjunction with Reiki energy. The angels are called upon and requested to assist in the healing. Angel Reiki works hand-in-hand with the Angels to bring one of the highest forms of healing available on earth today. Angel Reiki combines the healing approach of Usui Reiki, with the healing power of Angels. It makes use of their presence to mediate divine source energy and divine vibration. Everything in the universe vibrates at its own distinct frequency. Angels exist at a higher vibrational frequency than humans. It is this Angelic vibration which carries the Divine vibration in its purest form. The practitioner and the person seeking healing receive a down pouring of Soul energy, which raises the consciousness of both. This allows old, stuck energy patterns, not in tune with Divine vibration, to become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration allowing the person to heal on all levels.

Before you come in for your Reiki session, please click here to download my Reiki intake form, fill it out electronically and email it back to me at

Rates for Reiki:
60 minutes for $150


Distance Healing:

Distance Healing is a type of healing treatment that is performed on you while you are in the comfort, safety, and security of your own home. I perform Distance Healing using either Tuning Forks or various forms of Reiki. It is considered to be just as effective (if not more) than an in-person session. This is because a person's defenses can be heightened when they come face to face with a Healer, which makes them less receptive to their treatment methods. When starting the session, I enter a meditative state while at the same time you lay down in a quiet space, free from interruption. This environment allows you to enter a state of peace and meditation.

Reiki:  $150 for 60 mins
Tuning Forks:  $150 for 60 mins
For more info, please email me at  or call me at 630-951-8059.


House Clearing:

Whether you're about to move in to a new home, or feel that something has been "not quite right" energetically with your current home for quite some time, I can clear out the negative energy within it to help you (and anyone else living there) feel more at ease with your soon to be, new or current living space. Clearing negative energies can relieve you and your family from the stress of past traumas and the pain of other people's lives while they were living in what is now your space.

My House Clearing service includes:
- Clearing all unwanted and/or negative energies from your home.
- Cleanse the energy within the home.
- Bless your home and the people occupying it.

There are many positive benefits of clearing your home it it's negative energy which include:
- Enhancing your home by creating a sacred space, bringing spirit more directly into your home.
- Start you off in your new home with the cleanest energy you can possibly have.
- Dramatically improve potential buyers' reactions to your home for sale.
- Refreshes your home before you bring an innocent and sensitive new baby home for the first time.
- Possible improvement in relationships, finances and health issues.
- Create a specially designated area providing you and your family a sacred and holy place for meditation, prayer and worship.


Prices vary depending on the size of your home and my travel time.

For a free estimate, please email me at  or call me at 630-951-8059.

Intuitive/Guidance Session:

I perform these readings by employing my own intuitive abilities coupled with the use of Angel Cards, Fairy Cards and Archangel Cards. If you feel you need more clarity in your life due to a situation you are in, a trauma or conflict you experienced, or a tough decision you need to make, this reading may help sway you in the right direction. This can help you understand what the best decision may be to solve the issues that are troubling you. Please understand this is not a physic reading and I do not represent myself as such.


60 minutes for  $150

For more info, please email me at  or call me at 630-951-8059.


Emotional Release Therapy with Theta Healing:
I offer a service called Emotional Release Therapy with ThetaHealing. It uses a combination technique through Theta Healing and essential oils to open and release blocked energy and emotions of a lower vibration such as guilt, fear, anger, and frustration. The "Creator of all that is" replaces the blocked energy with love, peace, joy, balance, and harmony.

This awesome service can help you:
- Let go of life's painful emotions in a gentle and loving manner.
- Release blockages and negative patterns from the body and subconscious mind.
- Feel more love and joy in your life.
- Restore your balance...emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
- Align your thoughts and emotions to experience harmony.

60-75 minute session for  $152


Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation:

Our bodies at their essence are made up of sound waves and vibration. Each Tibetan bowl vibrates at a certain frequency. Your body tunes with these frequencies as a guitar string stirs in harmony with the movement of those being played next to it. The change in your body down to the very core can have healing properties aligning your body's energy field. You can feel the sounds of the bowls as they are played. Get your chakras balanced, energy flowing and the cobwebs cleaned out. All you need to do is show up, lay down and relax and let the vibrations do the work!

30 min personal private session  $50 (add-on service only)


Energy Work